This is CUANet

CUANet service hub is the realisation of Co-operative Credit Unions Association of Ghana's (CUA) long standing vision to bring modernisation to the credit union movement in Ghana, and create ubiquitous and unrestricted access to financial services across all segments of society. CUANet is designed as a centralised hub for digital transactions services for the entire credit union community.

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What is CUANet?

CUANet is the mobile banking hub of the Co-operative Credit Unions Association of Ghana (CUA). It gives you more access and control over your Credit Union account, and to do much more than you have ever done before. Your financial life just got better with CUANet.

What can you do on CUANet?

  • Intra Credit Union transactions
  • Inter Credit Union transactions
  • Mobile Money transactions
  • Mobile top-ups
  • Transactions with banks, via the GhiPSS network
  • Bill payments
  • Remittances

It's Awesome

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CUANet Features

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    Every service we offer is packed all in one for you to use, once you sign up to use the services on the CUANet platform


    It would be amazing to hear what you have to say about our services and products


    We have an amazing support team always here to hear you out and give you the support you need.

CUANet App Screenshots

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CUANet - Mobile Banking Service Hub


CUANet’s cloud is built on Amazon Web Services (AWS) and complies to international security and privacy frameworks including PCI-DSS, ISO-27001, ISO 27017, ISO 27018, EBA, and the EU Data Protection Directive standards ensuring security and data privacy for all our clients. The CUANet cloud undergoes quarterly 3rd party audits to ensure we are always ahead of the curve.

  • Certifications

    The CUANet installation, and the cloud hosting infrastructure has been audited by 3rd party QSA's and certified for compliance: PCI/DSS Level 1/Ver 3.2, ISO-27001, ISO-27017/18, SOC 1/2/3, FIPS, C5 (Germany), MTCS (Singapore), and FedRAMP.

  • Compliances

    The CUANet Cloud, comprising of the the core software, the datacenter, and all other auxiliary components have been implemented in strict compliance with the following frameworks: OWASP, EBA (European Banking Authority), EUDPD , HIPAA, FERPA, IT Act (India), UK Cloud Security Principles, and Uptime Institute Tiers.

  • Active Protection

    With a host of in-built features, and 3rd party services CUANet offers you one of the most robust and hardened service delivery ecosystems in the market. The platform actively protects against: buffer overflow, SQL Injection, X-scripting, brute force attacks, canonicalisation, eavesdropping, cookie replay, parameter manipulation, man-in-middle, etc.

  • Access Control

    Granular role and permission controls, password policy controls, channel based authentication, 3rd party tokens, biometric authentication, maker/checker workflows, and host of access control features ensure you get the highest levels of security and compliance for your financial services.

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